Aqua Literz Emergency Drinking Water 33.8 oz, 5-Year Shelf Life, 1 Full Pallet - 75 cases (12/case) – 900 Aqua Literz

Product Description

Item # 1000ML AQK

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Aqua Blox Emergency Drinking Water from Blue Monster Prep has a shelf life of 5 years, and is approved by the Department of Homeland Security and the US Coast Guard.



  • Aqua Literz Emergency Drinking Water is packaged using aseptic packing principles and has a 5 year shelf life.
  • Bottled Water has a maximum 2 year shelf life. Red Cross and CDC recommend rotating expired water bottle supplies ever 12 months.
  • Aqua Literz Emergency Drinking Water is purified via reverse osmosis. It is then sterilized using ultra-high temperature pasteurization. In addition for use as drinking water, cooking, and hygiene, Aqua Literz sterile water can also be used for wound cleansing, or as an eye wash.
  • Bottled Water contents and packaging are not sterilized when packaged.
  • Aqua Literz’ 7-layered package is also sterilized and filled displacing all air space. Once filled, the hermetically sealed container eliminates light and air contact, ensuring extended water quality for long-term storage.
  • Plastic water bottles are permeable containers which are vulnerable to heat, light, air, and chemicals, affecting water quality and long-term storage.
  • 5 Year shelf life
  • Department of Homeland Security approved
  • US Coast Guard approved
  • Withstands extreme storage temperatures without altering shelf life
  • Aqua Literz are made of “green” sustainable resources that are recyclable
  • 75 Cases or 900 – 33.8 oz Aqua Literz® per pallet (total 30,420 oz. / 238 gallons)


Special Considerations

Given the broad nature, scope, and length of emergencies that could contaminate public drinking water supplies, a “pro-active” emergency water response plan is essential because the availability of potable drinking water is vital for the survival, safety, and welfare of first responders and victims of an emergency event.

  • Severe weather…hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, winter storms
  • Natural disasters…earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions
  • Pandemics…influenza, avian bird flu
  • Terrorism…homeland security
  • Bio terrorism…anthrax, plaque, Q fever, ricin, tularemia
  • Radiation emergencies…dirty bombs, nuclear blasts
  • Chemical emergencies…nerve agents, chlorine, toxic alcohols
  • Hazardous material transfers


Aqua Blox and Aqua Literz insure the highest quality hydration for emergency events and they eliminate the expense of rotating expired bottled water supplies every 12 months as recommended by the Red Cross and the CDC.


Red Cross Emergency Preparedness Water Storage Suggestions

  • Store at least 1 gallon per person and pet per day
  • Store a three day supply (minimum)
  • Store and drink twice as much in warmer climate
  • Do not ration water and risk dehydration



  • Standard Case Count: 12 units
  • Gallons/Case: 3.17
  • Case/Dimensions: 16” x 8” x 6.75”
  • Case Weight: 29 lbs.
  • Standard Pallet: 75 Cases/900 Liters
  • Gallons/Pallet: 238
  • Pallet Dimensions: 40” x 38” x 45”
  • Pallet Weight: 2,150 lbs.


** To request a shipping estimate or a discount for large volume purchases, please call Blue Monster Prep at (909) 228-2583 or email


How much water do I need?

Store at least a three day supply

Store at least 1 gallon per person per day

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