Bidenomics: 27% of Americans Say They Skip Meals Due to Rising Cost of Food 0

July 6, 2024

27% of Americans say they skip meals due to the rising cost of food. 39% say they skip meals to make house payments.

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How a Saudi Pullback From a Landmark US Petrodollar Agreement Would Be Bad News for Dollar Dominance 0

June 21, 2024

The end of a long-standing "petrodollar" agreement could swing a wrecking ball at dollar dominance.


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Bidenomics: More companies announce bankruptcies, shutter operations, citing inflation 0

June 18, 2024

More companies are declaring bankruptcy and shutting down operations, citing inflation and high costs. 


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Almost 50% of small businesses say they likely won't survive a second Biden term 0

May 21, 2024

It's been a difficult three years for America's small businesses and families.


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Entrepreneurs Face Major Headwinds Due to Big Government Policies 0

May 10, 2024

It now costs the average American family $12,000 more to enjoy the same living standards as before President Biden took office. 


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Reese Report: Nanobots Designed to Release Toxins and Harvest Energy From the Body 0

April 18, 2024

Humans are being turned into batteries to fuel the digital A.I. prison that is being built around us.

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