3 Dead, 3 Wounded in Aberdeen, Maryland Shooting After Woman Opens Fire at Rite Aid Distribution Center 0

September 20, 2018

The shooter, Snochia Moseley, a 26-year-old temporary employee at the Rite Aid distribution center then turned the handgun on herself.

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North and South Carolina Brace For a Direct Hit From Hurricane Florence; 1.5 Million Ordered to Evacuate 0

September 11, 2018 

Hurricane Florence is expected to strengthen to Category 5 status 'extremely dangerous major hurricane' today before making landfall on Thursday night, mostly likely in southe...

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Hurricane Florence Rapidly Intensifying, Likely to Hit North or South Carolina Thursday Night 0

September 10, 2018

Florence has rapidly intensified into a dangerous Category 4 hurricane, and appears destined to strengthen even further as it heads towards the Southeast U.S. Coast.

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Tropical Storm Gordon Takes Aim at Alabama and Mississippi; South Florida Soaked 0

September 3, 2018

Tropical storm Gordon is expected to bring heavy rain and high winds to the northern Gulf Coast by Tuesday.



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How to Train and Equip School Resource Officers to be a School’s First Line of Defense 0

August 30, 2018

We must provide SROs with the best specialized tactical training and equipment possible to effectively respond to Active Shooter/Active Violence incidents.


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Video Game Massacre: Pro Gamer, 24, Shoots Two Dead and Injures Nine After Losing a Madden NFL Online Gaming Tournament in Florida 0

August 26, 2017

Horror caught on livestream: shooter used a laser-sighted gun to target other players before taking his own life.


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