Triage Tape 4-Pack (Red, Yellow, Green, Black)

Product Description

Item # POT1

Triage Tape from Blue Monster Prep is used at the initial point of triage and is the best available on the market.

Normal surveyors tape can change colors under flashlight beams or yellow street lights, creating inaccurate patient status accounts. This has caused confusion and unnecessary delays during incidences across the country when rescuers use hardware store tapes.

Our non florescent triage tape is specially formulated to remain color true even under the harshest lights. Our black and white striped tape is the new black. Black is not visible on dark clothing at night. The white stripe gives contrast and is easily visible even at night. 

Each Triage Tape roll is approximately 300'. Using about 2 feet of tape per victim will allow you to triage up to 150 victims on a single roll!

$ 16.95