The ANCHOR Emergency Barricade/Active Shooter Defense System

Product Description


Secure your classroom or designated safe room in seconds with the ANCHOR Emergency Barricade/Active Shooter Defense System from Blue Monster Prep, the cadillac of door barricades.

The ANCHOR was designed by two decorated SWAT Trainers and Tactical Officers for both inward and outward opening doors and can be rapidly deployed in seconds. Keep classrooms, businesses, and public buildings secure in an active shooter situation, lockdown, or workplace violence events.

The ANCHOR can withstand tremendous force. It is anchored securely to the floor and uses the strength of the floor itself to provide protection. Standardize safety training for your entire staff with one secure, easy to use device, which can be installed on inward and outward swinging doors, and even double doors.

*Installation Required


The ANCHOR exceeds code standards by creating an Anchor Plate so the ANCHOR is not permanently affixed to the door.  In addition, there is a child proof mechanism built in for unlocking the ANCHOR from the outside by first responders (who have a special tool for this purpose).

The ANCHOR meets and exceeds all DHS/FBI Joint Intelligence Bulletin recommendations, and is recognized as the finest tool of it’s kind among top security professionals.



  • Works on any door
  • Safely barricade in seconds
  • Can withstand high velocity impacts
  • Simply engage the barrier with your toe, to quickly create a SAFE ZONE
  • Once the threat subsides you can easily release the Anchor to allow you to exit through the door as normal
  • Standardize safety training for your staff with one secure, easy to use device for all inward/outward opening doors and double doors
  • Precision machined using aerospace technology
  • Professional installation available
  • Made in USA



  • The Anchor's bolt is a 1⁄2 in. wide x 5 in. long stainless steel
  • Precision machined to slide into a 1/2 in. aluminum sleeve
  • The Anchor's plate is one solid piece of precision machined military grade aluminum block 
  • Mounted to the door with four 3/16 in. x 1/2 in. stainless steel or titanium screws



The ANCHOR Emergency Barricade/Active Shooter Defense System can be installed on any door and rapidly deploys in seconds.

*Everyone should be safe at their school and workplace.



$ 229.50