Defibtech Lifeline ARM Rechargeable Battery Pack

Product Description

Item # EDI-708805

The Defibtech Lifeline ARM Rechargeable Battery Pack from Blue Monster Prep provides unmatched operational times and long service life across a wide temperature range. By design, fast battery pack swapping, as well as external AC power adapter operation, is possible.



  • Long runtime battery pack life (requires less power to accomplish compressions)
  • Fast battery pack recharge time
  • Long useful life battery pack (3 years or about 300 charge/discharge cycles)
  • Battery pack inserts in either orientation (with the contacts toward the unit)
  • Fast battery pack swapping because of battery pack eject release latches
  • External AC power adapter also recharges the battery pack, even during use



  • Lithium Ion (recyclable, rechargeable
  • 18.5V, 5300 mAh power
  • 1 hour operation time* (normal patient)
  • Less than 3 hours charge time*
  • Recommended to replace every 3 years or if battery indicator displays a replace battery condition (~300 charge/discharge cycles)
  • Operating temperature: 0 to 40º C (32 to 104º F)
  • Charging temperature: 0 to 40º C (32 to 104º F)
  • Storage temperature: 0 to 40º C (32 to 104º F)
  • Sealing/Water resistance: IEC 60529 class IP44

* Typical, with new battery at 25º C

$ 639.50

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