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Item # 30-0013

 **Medical Device Authorization Required**

This product requires Medical Device Authorization for purchase.


Now including a Latex-free IV Constricting Band and a Clear Adhesive Dressing to aid in starting and securing a saline lock.

Allowing for quick and effective extremity venous cannulation under the most demanding conditions, Blue Monster Prep’s system for starting and securing a saline lock has proven reliable and extremely effective during casualty treatment and evacuation where it is common for saline locks and IV lines to become dislodged. Using the RAPTOR™ IV Securing Device (also available separately in a pack of 6), the Saline Lock Kit can be secured in place without the need for tape. The Kit is low-cubed packaged in a vacuum-sealed, rugged pouch, keeping the contents of the kit in prime condition until needed.



  • Featured in PHTLS 6th Edition (Military) as a system that has proven successful in the field
  • Meets all requirements for U.S. ARMY TASK: 081-831-1011 Establish a Saline Lock
  • Includes the Raptor™ IV Securing Device
  • Packaged in a compact, vacuum-sealed, rugged pouch



1 x Latex-free IV Constricting Band (18 in. x 1 in.)

1 x Clear Adhesive Dressing (4 in. x 4.75 in.)

2 x Alcohol Pads

1 x Needle/Catheter (18G x 1.25 in.)

1 x Locking Saline Plug

2 x Gauze Pads (2 in. x 2 in.

1 x Hypodermic Needle (18G x 1.5 in.)

1 x 10cc Luer-Lock Syringe

1 x RAPTOR IV Securing Device

1 x Plastic Vacuum Bag



Packaged: H 5.5 in. x W 3.25 in. x D 1 in.

Weight: 1.3 oz

$ 10.95