POW (Point of Wounding Care) Response Pack for Rapid Initial Triage (Bag Only)

Product Description

Item # POW1

The POW™ Response Pack from Blue Monster Prep is designed to provide "Point of Wounding Care" as an integral part of the triage/ disaster response process, especially in multiple shooting incidents, terrorist attacks and natural disasters. If a caregiver can provide quick “Life Saving Interventions” (LSI) during the triage process, particularly bleeding control, more lives are saved. The POW™ Response Pack provides the quickly needed tools for rapid initial triage.

This beautifully designed kit is built for easy access while being worn by the rescuer. It has been carefully designed so that nothing “flops open” hiding access to other parts of the pack or hindering rescuer movement. The pack also does not cover up or hinder load bearing vests, or radio chest harnesses. It also will not hide identification/ IMS vests. The POW™ Response Pack can also be easily worn with an SCBA.

A must for every emergency vehicle.



  • Built with large zippers, water resistant Cordura, taped seams, and ergonomic shaping.
  • The main pocket opens to reveal multiple sleeves and stacked elastic to provide instant access to tourniquets, battle dressings, clotting agents, chest seals etc.
  • The front pocket is divided for use with chem lights, extra PPE or Stethoscope.
  • The wings of the POW™ Response Pack are clearly labelled for Triage. The left wing contains a Fox 40 whistle on a lanyard (you can also stow extra gloves here).
  • The right wing is for tape ends.  After triage tape is applied, tear off an end of the tape and drop it in the wing pocket to secure patient count/rapid size-up information.  
  • The lower compartment carries all 4 colors of START triage tape that are accessible even when the pack is open!  
  • Triage Tape is faster than Triage Tags for initial Triage. (Triage Tags are still used for a secondary triage in the Treatment Areas).
  • Litter Teams can quickly identify victims with Red Immediate Tape from a long distance and rapidly extract them from the Incident Field.
  • When triage is complete, the pieces of tape can be quickly counted to get a rapid size-up.
  • The bottom of the pack can carry a roll up stretcher for rapid patient evacuation. 
  • Available in EMS Blue/Black or SWAT OD Green.
  • Includes a set of triage tape rolls (1 Green, 1 Yellow, 1 Red, and 1 Black/White Stripe), and a Fox 40 whistle on a lanyard.
  • Black and white striped triage tape is designed for high visibility during night operations.
  • Made in USA and Lifetime Guaranteed.
  • Also available Fully Loaded.




EMS Blue
OD Green
$ 169.50

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