Responder IV Bag

Product Description

Item # RB4

The Responder IV Bag from Blue Monster Prep is our largest and most technically organized ambulance response bag. It is very similar to the Responder III in the way that it opens and carries. The main compartment is sized to work with any of our modular kits, but is long enough to fit an O-2 bottle, and will accept our O-2 Caddy insert.

The Responder IV also sports twin side pockets (long enough to fit stiffneck type collars) and two end pockets. All pockets and top lid are built with rip and stick compatible fabric, and can be completely organized using any of our M.O.S. Organizing Units. There are fluid proof handles on each end of the bag, padded bottom, giant #10 coil tape reinforced zippers, and of course our super tough SI-TEX fabric.

Medical supplies not included. 


  • 29"L x 9" T x 13" Deep.
      $ 322.50