Midland® Emergency Crank Base Camp AM/FM Weather Alert Radio

Product Description

Item # XT511

The Emergency Crank Base Camp from Blue Monster Prep has five power options that keep you up-to-date on news and weather alerts even when there is no electricity. A built-in 22-Channel GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) Two-way radio makes this the ultimate communication tool.


  • 22 Channels for clear, crisp communication with easy button access
  • 121 Privacy Codes - Gives you up to 3144 channel options to help you block other conversations
  • NOAA Weather Alert Radio - Automatically alerts for severe weather/hazard information 24/7
  • 5 Call Alerts - Different call tones to notify you of incoming calls from your group
  • eVOX - 3 Sensitivity Levels - Easy voice activation
  • Keypad Lock - Locks in your selected settings
  • Flashlight
  • USB Connector - Allows you to recharge your cell phone in an emergency
  • 5 Power Options - Uses 4 standard “AA” batteries, Rechargeable Battery Pack, Dynamo Crank, AC Adapter, or DC Adapter


7.25'' x 6.38'' x 2.75''


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$ 139.99