Midland® Desktop Weather/Hazard Radio With S.A.M.E. Local Alerts

Product Description

Item # WR120B

The Midland® Desktop Weather Alert Radio from Blue Monster Prep provides S.A.M.E. localized programming, and alerts you to over 60 kinds of weather hazards and emergencies.


  • SAME Localized Reception
  • Continuous Backlighting Option- Keeps the LCD on
  • 25 Programmable Counties
  • Color Coded Alert Indicators
  • Alert Override automatically switches over to warn you of impending danger
  • Alarm Clock with Snooze
  • Silent programming
  • Single, Multiple, or Any S.A.M.E program settings
  • User Selectable Warning System -Voice, Display, or Tone alert types
  • Uses 3AA Alkaline batteries for emergency power back-up


6.1'' x 2.0'' x 5.3''
$ 69.99