Basket Truck for Storage and Rapid Deployment of Emergency Equipment, Permanent Liner, Red

Product Description

Item # R10-RRW-PMA-3UNN

The Basket Truck from Blue Monster Prep is designed for storage and rapid deployment of emergency equipment for Hospital Surge and Mass Casualty Reponse, Field Hospitals, Schools, Universities and Business Emergencies.

The Red Basket Truck is color coded to store and rapidly deploy equipment used in Immediate Treatment Areas.



  • Stores Emergency Equipment in one centralized location
  • Emergency Equipment can be deployed in seconds
  • Color Coded Red for use in Immediate Treatment Areas
  • 600 pound weight capacity stores large amount of Emergency Equipment
  • 12.5 Cubic Feet of store space accommodates large bulky items
  • Sturdy steel wire frame, base, and caster wheels for maximum strength and durability



  • 600 lbs. weight capacity
  • 12.5 cubic feet storage capacity
  • 36"L x 24"W x 31-1/2" H
  • Vinyl Permanent Liner
$ 299.50