Mark IV Field Hospital Bed

Product Description

Item # 66-0019

The Mark IV Field Hospital Bed from Blue Monster Prep is designed for rapid deployment by a single person. With minimal training it can be set up into the operational configuration in less the 60 seconds. Constructed of a bi-fold 6061 aluminum frame, the bed includes a polyurethane foam pad with a water resistant, decontaminable cover. The bed supports a resting force of 850 lbs. without material fatigue, and is extremely compact for easy transportation and storage.

Cleaning of the Field Hospital Bed is easily done with either a 10% bleach solution or other standard hospital cleaning products. The bed frame and mattress were designed to be extremely functional while taking patient comfort into consideration. The bed frame was designed to evenly distribute the patient’s weight across the entire surface area and reduce pressure points. The 3 in. thick polyurethane mattress provides patient comfort and prevents the patient contact with the bed frame to further reduce the possibility of pressure sores over the use of the bed. Both the head and the foot of the bed frame are adjustable to 6 positions.


Special Features

  • Durable, easy-to-open, Field Hospital Bed that supports up to 850 lb of static weight
  • Designed to be rapidly deployed by a single person
  • Constructed of a bi-fold 6061 aluminum frame & 3 in. polyurethane foam pad with water-resistant decontaminable cover
  • Includes IV Pole and a removable table platform that rests on its adjustable bed rails
  • Easily cleaned with 10% bleach solution or other standard hospital cleaning products



Folded: L 42 in. x W 17 in. x D 32 in.

Opened: L 79.25 in. x W 33 in. x H 35.25 in.

Weight: 54 lb (Mattress and Frame)

Weight: 68lb (Mattress, Frame and Accessories)

$ 1,879.50