Product Description

Item # IVK1

The I.V. Bag Holder from Blue Monster Prep is constructed from heavy Cordura nylon, and lined with Polar fleece as a powerful insulator.

There is a vinyl window on the side to allow monitoring of fluid. A truly unique feature of this I.V. Bag is not only that it will rip and stick to the bottom of the ALS Extreme Pack, but it also stacks on top of another I.V. bag via a hook and loop attachment, maximizing space.

The I.V. Bag is also configured to attach to the inside top lid of our USAR pack. For use in adverse conditions or for hypothermia treatment simply slide a heat pack into the bag and keep your I.V. fluid warm for up to 12 hours!


Additional Information

  • IV fluid bag not included.
  • Add the I.V. Ad-Wrap (sold separately) to complete your I.V. Kit needs.
  • Medical supplies shown not included.



  • 2” x 5” x 12”
$ 27.50

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