Cities Across U.S. Boarding Up in Anticipation of Election Night Riots


October 30, 2020

From New York and DC to Los Angeles and San Francisco, businesses in American cities are boarding up their windows in advance of election-night returns.


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What started in Washington, D.C. with the boarding up of businesses located near the White House spread to other major cities across the nation.



At the opposite end of the country, Fox LA’s Bill Melugin observed businesses in downtown LA, Beverly Hills, and Santa Monica boarding their windows as well. He said many of these businesses experienced the impact of riots earlier this year.



In San Francisco, even the city’s tallest building, Salesforce Tower, tacked up plywood over its ground-floor doors and windows, San Francisco Chronicle’s Jessica Christian tweeted. 



“There is something uniquely heartbreaking about these scattered scenes of boarding-up four days before a presidential election—a feeling that, for people raised with a basic faith in the United States and democracy, seems utterly alien, a world knocked off its axis, Michael Schaffer with the Washingtonian wrote. “People board up for hurricanes and riots, for acts of God and acts of vandals. It’s fundamentally disorienting to find that citizens of the world’s oldest democracy are reduced to doing so in preparation for a quadrennial ritual dating back to 1788.”



Elsewhere on the Eastern Seaboard, boards went up at the Prudential Center in Boston, Boston25 journalist Malini Basu tweeted.



On Thursday, Breitbart News reported a leaked document from a coalition of left-wing groups in Minnesota. The document details plans for post-election mass unrest when President Donald Trump wins re-election on Tuesday night.

In New York City, Blick posts signs on their plywood-covered windows advising customers they are still open.



Even strip-center businesses in the Seattle suburb of Bellevue are boarding up. 



And, down the coast in already riot-torn Portland, Oregon, many other businesses are boarded up in preparation “for any scenario in the wake of Tuesday’s #USElection,” GlobalBC journalist Sarah MacDonald tweeted.





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