American Airlines Plane Catches Fire on O’Hare Runway; Minor Injuries Reported


October 28, 2016

CHICAGO – Sheer panic erupted on an American Airlines flight after part of the Boeing 767 went up in flames during takeoff at O’Hare Friday; luckily both passengers and crew escaped the aircraft with only minor injuries.





Passengers evacuate American Airlines Flight 383 on the tarmac of O'Hare after an aborted takeoff.


Gary Schiavone was flying to Miami with his wife to visit their daughter, sitting in row 31 near the back of the plane when he heard the explosion.

“First it was a clunk, after the clunk the explosion, and then the plane stopped real fast and we all started exiting,” Schiavone said. “Right now I just want to get home.”

American Airlines Flight 383 aborted takeoff due to an "engine-related mechanical issue," the company said.

“You hear a loud blast on the right side people start screaming there was fire and smoke coming in,” said Hector Cardenas, who was sitting in the front of the plane.

As you can imagine, it was a bit chaotic evacuating the plane--but all 161 passengers, 9 crew members, and a dog--made it off safely in less than two minutes.

Within a minute and a half, fire crews were on scene and spraying foam on the flames, knowing right away how serious this situation was. And even fire officials admit it could have been devastating had that plane lifted off the ground.

“A plane just taking off, going to Miami, was fully-loaded with 43,000 pounds of fuel, a substantial amount of fuel on the aircraft, and it was leaking,” said CFD Chief Timothy Sampey.

20 people were transported to local hospitals. Of those adult patients, two had smoke inhalation--the rest ankle injuries and scrapes and bruises.

Some of them were able to get out on another flight to Miami Friday night, while others say they are traumatized and plan to reschedule their trips for some other time. Insofar as their luggage is concerned, officials aren’t sure if it’s salvageable.



Fire crews quickly responded on scene to spray fire suppressing foam.


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