SIM-Safe Nursing Add-On Moulage Kit

Product Description

Item # BMP-02815

For Simulator use only.

Designed for pre-hospital/simulation training scenarios, the SIM-Safe series from Blue Monster Prep features realistic, non-staining, non-food based make-up, secretions, bodily fluids and three dimensional wounds that can be used to create authentic training scenarios.

All SIM-Safe products visually and tactually replicate natural bodily processes in detail to ensure your moulage meets your training needs. Large 4 oz. containers for multi-scenario options.



  • Fresh blood
  • Clotted blood
  • Coffee ground emesis
  • Feces
  • Bile
  • Vomitus
  • 10 make-up colors
  • Secretion Set (clear, frothy-white, blood-tinged)
  • Pus Set (green, yellow, amber)
  • Includes Carrying Case


$ 219.50