Quick Dam Sandless Sandbags, 120/Pack

Product Description

Item # QD1224-120

No Sand Needed, just add water!



  • Self Activating Flood Barrier
  • No need for Sand or back-breaking labor filling sandbags!
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Quick and easy to deploy
  • Simply position Flood Barrier in place and expose to fresh water
  • Absorbs 4 gallons of water & grows to full size at 3.5" high in 5 minutes
  • Swelled barriers contain & divert flood water
  • Contains a super absorbent powder that gels water
  • Stack multiple bags in brick or pyramid formation to increase wall height
  • Leave in place for ongoing protection
  • Lasts for up to 8 months of continuous use
  • Use through winter for thaw flood protection, frozen & still a barrier
  • Safe, Non hazardous & Non Toxic
  • Environmentally friendly & decomposes over time

*Not for use with Salt Water due to a chemical reaction



  • Storm/Flood Preparation
  • Home - Doorways, garages, bulk head and other leaking areas
  • Building & Property Protection
  • Construction & Roofing projects - Holds back water
  • General water or leak control



12”x 24”, 120/Pack

$ 699.50