Quick Dam Flood Gate – Protects Doorways From Flood Water, 45” – 50” Wide

Product Description

Item # QDFG45

Quick Dam Flood Gates are a reusable, sturdy doorway guard that protects against flooding. This steel frame expands to fit multiple doorway sizes & can be installed in just minutes with no damage or alterations to standard doorway structures.

  • Expandible up to 26” High Doorway Flood Protection
  • Easy to Use, Install, Store & Transport
  • Installs in approximately 2 minutes
  • Reusable, sturdy steel frame structure
  • Adjustable & expands to fit multiple doorway openings
  • No fixtures or alternations needed
  • Does not require permanent fittings
  • Neoprene sleeve creates water tight seal
  • Install before or during flooding
  • Installs with door opening inwards
  • Can't be stolen when door is closed
  • Provides flood protection up to 26" high



  • 1" Thick steel chassis frame
  • Expands horizontally & vertically
  • Waterproof seal with 7mm neoprene cover



  • Expandible up to 26” High by 45” – 50” Wide
$ 1,279.50