Quick Dam Flood Gate - Protects Doorways From Flood Water, 30" - 35" Wide

Product Description

Item # QDFG30

Flood Gates from Blue Monster Prep are a reusable, sturdy doorway guard that protects against flooding. This steel frame expands to fit multiple doorway sizes and can be installed in just minutes with no damage or alterations to standard doorway structures.



  • Expandible up to 26” High Doorway Flood Protection
  • Easy to Use, Install, Store & Transport
  • Installs in approximately 2 minutes
  • Reusable, sturdy steel frame structure
  • Adjustable & expands to fit multiple doorway openings
  • No fixtures or alternations needed
  • Does not require permanent fittings
  • Neoprene sleeve creates water tight seal
  • Install before or during flooding
  • Installs with door opening inwards
  • Can't be stolen when door is closed
  • Provides flood protection up to 26" high



  • 1" Thick steel chassis frame
  • Expands horizontally & vertically
  • Waterproof seal with 7mm neoprene cover



Expanable up to 26” High by 30” – 35” Wide

$ 879.50