Polycarbonate Eye Shield, Single Shield

Product Description

Item # 30-0142

The Polycarbonate Eye Shield from Blue Monster Prep meets current military and civilian pre-hospital guidelines for the treatment of traumatic eye injury in the field. This convex rigid eye shield allows the user to protect the injured eye and blocks external pressure from being applied directly to the injury, preventing further damage. Made of a high strength, translucent orange polymer, the PES is shatterproof and will not flatten or disfigure when pressure is applied. Holes in the eye shield provide ventilation, and it designed for use over either eye. The outer shell has engraving that states, “Tape over eye this side out. Nothing under shield”.


  • Made of rigid, shatterproof polycarbonate
  • Meets CoTCCC treatment protocols for penetrating eye trauma
  • Holes allow air circulation
  • Accommodates either eye
  • Translucent orange color
  • Engraved “Tape over eye this side out. Nothing under shield”


Packaged: L 4.5 in. x W 5.3 in. x D 0.2 in.

Open Length: 2.5 in. x 5 in.

Weight: 0.7 oz

$ 2.05