Oridion Smart CapnoLine Plus CO2 Sampling Line w/ O2 - Pediatric, Box/50

Product Description

Item # EDI-7127-S

The Oridion Smart CapnoLine Plus CO2 Sampling Line w/ O2 from Blue Monster Prep is designed for EtCO2 monitoring of non-intubated pediatric patients.



  • Patented Uni-junction design assures oral and nasal sampling even at low tidal volumes, with minimal dilution of the CO2 waveform during O2 delivery
  • Unique O2 delivery system (up to 5L/min) enables effective oxygen therapy and reduces the O2 drying effect on patients' sensitive mucus membranes
  • Built in water-trap with hydrophobic filter prevents moisture from entering the monitor while maintaining the laminar flow and excellent waveform
  • The filter design and small diameter of the circuit (1.0 mm I.D. microbore tubing) improve accuracy and response time
  • Ideal under masks for accurate CO2 monitoring during, CPAP, bi-level device or NPVV and high flow rate O2 delivery therapy
  • For pediatric patients
  • Includes box of 50

Microstream Capnography benefits in the transport and care of patients, whether intubated or non-intubated.

Microstream Capnography provides an immediate assessment of and continuous feedback on a patient’s ventilatory status during emergency response. It can also detect airway obstruction and other ventilation problems.

Microstream Capnography easily switches from intubated to non-intubated use, with no zeroing, no individual patient calibration or reconfiguration required.

Reasons for adopting Microstream Capnography in Emergency Transport and Care

  • The 2010 American Heart Association (AHA) Guidelines for CPR and ECC recommend the use of continuous waveform capnography to confirm endotracheal tube placement, determine the quality of CPR and detect Return of Spontaneous Circulation, as well as guide CPR therapy for Pediatric Advanced Life Support
  • Capnography is useful in titration of CO2 levels in ICP scenarios
  • Capnography is also useful in determining the ventilatory status of patients with asthma3 or COPD
  • Capnography determines the ventilatory status of seizing patients
  • Capnography identifies patients in Diabetic Ketoacidosis

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