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Muscle Wall Containment Solutions

For years the method of choice for secondary containment has been earthen solutions. These solutions are expensive, require the use of heavy equipment, and present significant environmental concerns. Muscle Wall Flood Containment Solutions from Blue Monster Prep were engineered to provide superior secondary containment without the common issues that are prevalent with earthen solutions.


Time is Money

Muscle Wall has a powerful, yet lightweight design that enables just a few people to quickly deploy hundreds of feet of containment that will effectively stand up to the elements around the clock. The reusable 2-foot and 4-foot-tall walls are both 6 feet long, or 8-foot tall sections that are 4 feet long, and constructed with durable polyethylene. Muscle Wall is connected together by an effective coupler.


Secondary Containment

Muscle Wall, as secondary containment, is a huge asset to any well-site because it has the strength required to provide the adequate protection necessary as well as the ability to quickly remove walls to allow for equipment, such as frac tanks, to be moved in or out of the containment area.


4-Foot Primary Containment

Our extremely versatile 4-foot product can be utilized for both secondary and smaller barrel primary containment systems. Our flexible design allows Muscle Wall to meet the needs of the oil and gas producer.


8-Foot Primary Containment

There is a need for an alternate form of primary containment within the oil and gas industry that:

  • Speeds up time of setup and takedown.
  • Does not require heavy machinery
  • Is flexible in size and shape.

8-foot Muscle Wall is the solution to all of these problems.


Environmentally Friendly

  • Removes the potential erosion problems associated with earthen solutions.
  • Has a small environmental footprint, reducing negative impacts on the well-site.
  • Is reusable and sustainable.


Designed for your Specific Needs

The tongue and groove system that Muscle Wall utilizes in the connection between walls allows for an impressive 22 degrees of motion which enables Muscle Wall to make sweeping turns. A unique corner piece is also available which enables Muscle Wall to make 90 degree turns. These two benefits allow Muscle Wall to be flexible and adapt to the terrain of any site and to insure the most containment protection.


Note: To request a quote or more information, please call:

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