Midwest Quiet Time Reversible Fleece Paw Print Mat, 17" x 11"

Product Description

Item # 40218-FVBLS

Do you need a soft, comfy place for your pet to lay low? The Reversible Fleece Paw Print Mat from Blue Monster Prep is stylish, versatile, and made with Ultra-soft Synthetic Fur on one side and an Ultra-Plush Synthetic Sheep Skin on the other side.

The mats are made with the only the best quality materials, are built to last, and easy to keep clean! Machine wash and dry, and take clean to a whole new level. These beds are great for use in carriers, vehicles, and perfectly fit the 18” x 12” iCrate.


  • Machine Washable and Machine Dry
  • Ideal For Pets...Young to Old
  • Keeps Pets Cool in the Summer, Warm in the Winter
  • Comfortable Ultra Fleece 


17” x 11”

$ 16.95