JETT Junctional Emergency Treatment Tool

Product Description

Item # 30-0088

**Medical Device Authorization Required**

This product requires Medical Device Authorization for purchase.


The Junctional Emergency Treatment Tool (JETT™) from Blue Monster Prep includes two pressure devices in a single tool, allowing for simultaneous occlusion of blood flow to both lower limbs (bilateral) with an easy to apply, pre-assembled, ready-to-use belt solution. The unique design of the JETT™ allows for patient transport while the device is in place and includes a lanyard and toggle solution to ensure that the Windlass Axle does not loosen due to vibration or bumps during transport.

In cases where there are bilateral injuries, the JETT™ offers a simple, safe solution for occluding blood flow to both lower extremities. This expanded capability is built into every JETT™, meaning that with standardized application training the device will be pre-positioned for rapid bilateral deployment whether applying for a unilateral or bilateral injury.

High extremity wounds in the thigh/groin region where tourniquets cannot be placed or are less effective require equipment such as the JETT™ to stop the bleeding and potentially save the life of a casualty that would otherwise bleed out in minutes. Penetrating trauma, blast injuries and amputation are examples of injuries that may require treatment with this device.



  • Compact, lightweight & ruggedized for use in the tactical environment
  • Pre-assembled, Ready-to-use & Easy-to-apply at or near the point of injury
  • Simultaneous Occlusion of blood flow to both lower limbs that does not impede Respiration
  • 2 Compression Pads, pre-positioned and individually adjustable, allow for individual or bilateral activation, based on the patient’s injuries
  • Circumferential Compression Buttocks Pad safely secures the device to the patient
  • Lanyard & Toggle Locking Mechanism ensures that vibrations or bumps to the windlass will not reduce the pressure during patient movement
  • Writeable Area to document the time of application
  • Easy-to-understand, step-by step instructions included
  • Sleeves help pre-position the pads & aid in smooth application



Packaged: H 5.5 in. x W 7 in. x D 3.75 in.

Overall Device Length: 56.75 in. Fitswaist up to 50 in.

Weight: 1 lb 8 oz

$ 347.50