Batlskin Viper P2 Helmet with 4-Point Integrated Harness, Unique Buckle System, Black

Product Description

Item # 70-0033

The Batlskin Viper P2 Helmet from Blue Monster Prep is the premium, lightweight combat helmet built in the ACH shape to exact military specifications that exceeds the U.S. Army standards for Fragmentation and Resistance to Penetration. The Viper P2 Helmet uses advanced composite shell technology to achieve weight reduction while delivering advanced ballistic (NIJ IIIA) and impact protection with unsurpassed comfort while wearing.

Ballistic Performance

  • Stops NIJ IIIA level threats
  • STANAG 2920 – Exceeds 2460 ft/s (750 m/s), 1.1 g (17 gr) FSP
  • STANAG 2920 64 gr RCC – Exceeds 1804 ft/s (550 m/s)
  • 9mm FMJ RTP Multi-Hit: 5 impact exceeds 1400 ft/s (427 m/s)

Shell Geometry and Construction

  • Hybridized layer construction with an Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) ballistic core
  • Low profile design/Designed for comfort
  • Offers unsurpassed impact protection and ballistic rated hardware
  • Tested for ballistic performance from -40 degrees F to 158 degrees F

Modular Suspension System

  • 4-point integrated harness with unique buckle system (no loose straps)
  • Low profile ballistic bolts
  • Dial Ratchet Mechanism adjusts the fit band (simple one-handed operation)
  • Infinitely adjustable nape pad to ensure helmet stability
  • Adjustable crown net for sweat wicking , comfort and low pressure wear

Impact Liner

  • Low profile impact material does not contact the head in normal operation
  • Provides a free flow of air to aid in cooling
  • Exceeds U.S. Army ACH impact standards and tested with multiple hits and across all temperature ranges


  • Weight: 2.5 lbs.
$ 1,297.50