Basic Moulage Kit

Product Description

Item # BMP-02816

For Simulator use only.

The Basic Moulage Kit from Blue Monster Prep is the most economical way to get started in medical moulage. The Kit includes all essentials needed to create basic and intermediate simulated moulage designs for medical, trauma, obstetrics, and triage use for pre-hospital/simulation training scenarios.



SIM-Safe products feature realistic, non-staining, non-food based make-up, secretions, and bodily fluids that can be used to create authentic training scenarios. 

Includes sturdy carrying case.


*Note: the Basic Moulage Kit is designed to be used with the book, "Medical Moulage: How to Make Your Simulations Come Alive," by Bobbie Merica, a cutting edge step-by step guide filled with over 300 recipes and scenarios for the medical trauma professional. This large, beautiful, hard-bound book designed for the beginner through advanced user includes over 1,200 vibrant, full-color illustrations, providing step-by-step directions that use readily available ingredients.

$ 397.50