Barracuda Intruder Defense System, For Use With Outward Swinging 36" Vertical Doors

Product Description

Item # DSO-1

The Barracuda™ Intruder Defense System from Blue Monster Prep is  designed to keep classrooms, businesses, and public buildings safe in the event of an active shooter situation. 

The Barracuda™ DSO-1 security device, for use with outward swinging 36" vertical doors, securely locks an entry point, and can be installed in a matter of seconds during an emergency lockdown to protect occupants against building intruders.



  • Fast and easy - installs in a matter of seconds
  • Securely locks an entry point in a lockdown situation
  • Free-standing device (not permanently attached to door) can be easily transferred to another access point
  • No maintenance or installation costs required
  • Less expensive than locksets and much more secure than small, inexpensive devices
  • Made in the USA



User Instructions

Position the device so that the bar rests against the door jam on either side, and the built-in hook grabs the door handle. Note that the specially designed hook works with all types of handles. To secure the device, simply turn the handle until it is snug.



For Use With Outward Swinging 36" Vertical Doors


Shipping Weight

8.65 lbs.

$ 189.95