Deluxe Triage Pack With Set of 4 Triage Tape Rolls

Product Description

Item # DTB1-TT

The Deluxe Triage Pack from Blue Monster Prep is designed for initial triage in the incident field during Multi Casualty Incident, Active Shooter, or Hospital Surge events.

The use of triage tape for initial triage is cheaper and much faster than triage tags. Immediate patients marked with red tape are highly visible from long distances, and can be quickly identified by litter teams. Small pieces of tape are placed in the pouch to count each patient that is triaged. When triage is complete, the pieces of tape can be quickly counted to get a rapid size-up.

Triage Tags are then used for a secondary triage in the treatment areas.

The slim profile hugs your body, and the totally enclosed tape won’t tangle or flap. The belt sports a large front pocket for pens, treatment gloves, bleeding control, and life saving intervention supplies. There are two outside pockets for extra gloves, tape ends, and additional supplies.



  • Includes Set of 4 Triage Tape Rolls for START triage - red, yellow, green, and black.
  • Black and white striped triage tape is designed for high visibility during night operations
  • Lifetime guaranteed
  • Made in USA


$ 79.95