Luminous MED ID Patch (2 per pack)

Product Description

Item # ZZ-0121

The enhanced Luminous MED ID Patch from Blue Monster Prep has been re-engineered using soft flexible custom rubber PVC to create the ultimate in glow-in-the-dark identification for the medic. Proudly made in the USA using recycled PVC, the Luminous MED ID Patch will not perforate, unravel, chip or peel off. Black hook fasteners accommodate easy hook-and-loop attachment while the 1 inch block letters provide maximum visibility.

Special Features

  • Soft flexible custom rubber PVC
  • Made in the USA
  • Will not perforate, unravel, chip or peel off
  • Ultimate glow-in-the-dark identification technology
  • 1 inch block letters for maximum visibility
  • 2 medical patches per package


3" L x 2" W x .125" D

$ 21.95