Raven Model 90C Bi-Fold Litter

Product Description

Item # 60-0001

 Official Litter for the U.S. NAVY.

Developed for cross-capability between Homeland Security and the Department of Defense, the Raven® Model 90C from Blue Monster Prep was designed as a cost-effective aid for rescuers faced with the challenges of natural disasters and domestic terrorism.

This unique solution includes a bi-fold design, durable construction, and antimicrobial coating for reliable long-term storage. The stretcher allows immediate evacuation on DOD aircraft and integration into DOD medical treatment facilities. Importantly, it also works as a treatment table at remote locations in all environments. The Raven® 90C has been tested for chemical warfare agents.

Raven® 90C also has a family of support items such as IV poles, stretcher stands, and backrest.



  • Certified Safe-to-Fly U.S. Air Force
  • Bi-fold design for reliable long-term storage.
  • Ergonomically designed handles
  • 2 IV Attachment Points
  • 2 Patient Securing Straps
  • Slip-resistant, chemical-resistant, rip-stop fabric tested & approved by Federal & private labs using live warfare agents



Folded: H 45.5 in. x W 7.5 in. x D 8 in.

Open: L 90 in. x W 22.5 in. x D 6 in.

Weight: 16 lb 8 oz (7.5 kg)

Payload: 1200 lb (544.3 kg)

Ground Clearance: 1.5 in.

$ 824.95