Survivor Filter PRO Ultra Filter Pre-Filter Replacement, Compatible with Electric PRO X - Stage 1 Replacement Filter of 3 Filters Required

Product Description

Item # L610-PF


**Pre-Filter Only - Survival Filter Pro sold separately**


OFFICIAL Replacement Pre-Filter Ultra Filter from Blue Monster Prep for the Survivor Filter PRO and PRO X Electric Model.

Rated up to 100,000 LITERS: Can be easily cleaned after every trip up to 100,000 Liters (26, 417 Gallons) for re-usable enjoyment.


  • VERY EASY TO BACKWASH FOR EXTENDED USE - Backwash After Your Trip: The Ultra Filter Pre-Filter is the first line of defense to remove large particles. Backwashing helps flush out any small particles that may be clogging and slowing down the flow rate of your filter.
  • EASY TO REPLACE: Simply remove used UF filter and replace with new UF filter.
  • Water is pre-treated with the 0.1 Micron Filter, before it reaches the other internal filters.
  • Unlike our Competitors, Survivor Filter Backs up all its filtration claims with reputable North American Testing 
  • Outer Shell Made of Military Grade BPA Free ABS material
  • To replace, simply remove used Ultra Filter Pre-Filter and replace with new
  • Beware of imitations and use only Official Survivor Filter replacement parts. All Survivor Filter products are shipped from North America.

***Available in Stock and Ready to Ship*** 

$ 17.95