Muscle Wall Flood Control Solutions

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Muscle Wall Flood Control Solutions

Muscle Wall Flood Control Solutions from Blue Monster Prep are quick, easy, reusable, and customizeable.

Muscle Wall has a powerful, yet lightweight design that enables just a few people to quickly set up hundreds of feet of containment that will effectively protect homes and businesses from the devastating and costly impact of flooding. The reusable 2-foot, 4-foot, and 8-foot-tall walls are constructed with durable polyethylene, and can be filled with water to give them added stability. This gives the flood barriers the strength to resist the extreme forces of higher volumes of water.



  • Protect Critical Infrastructure
  • Requires very little machinery
  • Deploys Quickly
  • Reliable
  • Sustainable
  • Re-usable
  • Cost Effective


Quick, Easy and Affordable

Muscle Wall can be quickly deployed, removed, and consolidated for storage. Muscle Wall is light enough to carry or, if flooding is already occuring, float into place. Once filled with water Muscle Wall becomes a solid barrier.


Mobility, Re-usability, and Sustainability

Unlike sandbags and most other flood control options, Muscle Wall is reusable and requires no reoccurring costs or re-certification costs. Due to Muscle Wall’s unique stack-able design, they can be transported to a site easily and just as easily packed up and transported either to another site or to storage. Due to Muscle Wall’s durability, they can be stored either inside or outside. Muscle Wall is built to last so there will be no need for extra replacement costs for years.


Designed for your Specific Needs

The tongue and groove system that Muscle Wall utilizes in the connection between walls allows for an impressive 22 degrees of motion, which enables Muscle Wall to make sweeping turns or to follow the natural curvature of a stream or river. A unique corner piece is also available which enables Muscle Wall to make 90 degree turns. These two benefits allow Muscle Wall to be flexible and adapt to the terrain of any site and to insure the most protection from floodwater.


Muscle Wall is a money saver. Period.

One of the biggest unaccounted for expenses when it comes to flood damages is the loss of business continuity.  Businesses must remain shut down while repairs are made or flood protection methods, such as sandbags, are cleaned up and removed.  Muscle Wall, in one instance, was used to protect a three-story office building from floodwater, and as a result the office was able to be back up and running the very next day.  Other buildings in the vicinity were out of commission from anywhere from a month to three months, costing the business owners thousands of dollars in lost revenue.


Muscle Wall vs. Sandbags 

Unlike sand bags, Muscle Wall is reusable, reliable, and recyclable. Life cycle costs of Muscle Wall are far below that of sand bags, which can only be used once, allowing for disaster funds to be spent toward other emergency projects.


The True Cost of Sandbags

1 - 4ft Muscle Wall = 468 SandBags

Filling and stacking sandbags is a messy, time-consuming, and labor-intensive process. According to USACE, the true cost of sandbags, including transportation, manpower, and disposal, is estimated

to be $2.50 to $5 per bag. Most sandbags can't be reused because they are contaminated with gas, oils, and raw sewage. This

equates to $1,170 - $2,340 per each 4ft tall by 6ft long section of Muscle Wall.


Note: To request a quote or more information, please call Customer Service at:

(800) 876-7816

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