Bergan Elevated Feeder, Medium

Product Description

Item # BER-88142

Simple elegance in elevated feeding... like platform shoes, but for food.

Why Elevated? Elevated feeders are often recommended by veterinarians for dogs who have joint problems, gastric concerns, or who are simply having trouble reaching down to their food.

The Elevated Feeder from Blue Monster Prep combines sleek form with function while helping to keep your pet healthy. Removable legs allow the feeder to grow with your pet and removable stainless steel bowls make cleaning simple. This feeder offers a sturdy, clean design with (2) removable .75 quart/3 cup stainless steel bowls.


Medium: 9.66" x 18.18" x 8.05" with .75 quart/3 cup stainless steel bowls

$ 23.95