Special Operations Laryngoscope Set

Product Description

Item # 10-0001

**Medical Device Authorization Required**

This product requires Medical Device Authorization for purchase.

The lightweight, compact, and highly innovative Special Operations Laryngoscope Set™ from Blue Monster Prep is designed to operate effectively under the most extreme environmental conditions. Professionals rely on it. To ensure the laryngoscopes perform at long-term optimal effectiveness, the sets are packaged with spare bulbs and batteries.

The fiber optic handle is water-proof, sand-proof, and dust-proof, and features a textured gripping surface. The set includes single-use fiber optic blades made from an enhanced polymer for exceptional strength and rigidity. For added convenience, the handle’s removable light source is designed to work with any standard (green-spec) fiber optic blade.

The complete set rolls up for easy storage and easy transport.



  • Lightweight & compact
  • Resistant to dust, sand and water
  • Operates in severe environmental conditions
  • Textured, water-proof & dust-proof handle
  • Removable light source works with any standard fiber optic blade
  • Single-use fiber optic blades of enhanced polymer for exceptional strength and rigidity



  • ENT Pocket Light™ with two AAA Batteries
  • Laryngoscope Handle
  • Miller #3 Laryngoscope Blade
  • Mac #3 Laryngoscope Blade
  • Laryngoscope Pouch
  • Spare exam light bulb
  • Two spare AAA batteries


Kit Dimensions

 Open: L 8 in. x W 5.5 in. x D 2 in.

Closed: L 8 in. x W 2 in. x D 2 in.

Weight: 10 oz


*NOTE: To order replacement parts, please call Customer Service at (909) 228-2583

$ 101.50