Warnings Issued Over WHO's Push For a New Global Pandemic Accord


August 19, 2023

Many warning signs tell us to fight against this Pandemic Accord, starting with how the last Pandemic was handled.


Via independentsentinel.com:

The following X post about the Pandemic Accord deserves a repost, if only as a cautionary tale. Many warning signs tell us to fight against this Pandemic Accord, starting with how the last Pandemic was handled. Then there is the fact that the WHO and the Biden administration are pushing the Pandemic Treaty or Accord that many say is oppressive. The latest draft, as of June 2023, can be read here.

They call it an “Accord,” not a treaty, possibly so it can get through without going through the U.S. Senate.

The World Health Organization – should they get this treaty through – will have tremendous power to influence 194 nations when an illness is a pandemic and what we should do to address it. The WHO now supports lockdowns, digital pandemic passports, mandated vaccinations, and other restrictions, including quarantine and silencing opposition, which they define as mis- and dis- information.

Pandemic fears are heating up in the media. There is no doubt about that. My liberal family is warning me about COVID spiking based on some hysterical reporting.

You might remember that at the end of July, Klaus Schwab’s daughter Nicole talked casually of coming lockdowns.

Nicole Schwab claims our [capitalist] system is not sustainable. She sees pandemic restrictions as an opportunity to implement The Great Reset. Despite none of their major climate predictions coming true, the World Economic Forum founder’s daughter sees lockdowns and other drastic measures in our future.

She claims that “Covid” has demonstrated that rapid and extreme changes to the fabric of society can be implemented when people perceive an immediate sense of emergency. This mechanism can be applied to the “climate crisis” to accelerate the WEF’s “Great Reset” agenda.

We can’t fall for this again. We have to save the elitists from themselves.



Before you watch the following propaganda, you should know the following. While the WHO doesn’t tax, they claim they need a lot of money, a lot more money. The Pandemic Treaty or Accord makes surveillance easier to accomplish and will give elites in each country excuses to mandate anything. They serve as the conduit. As far as their claim they are independent, they are very closely tied to the Maoist Chinese, and they did a terrible job during the last pandemic. They also receive funding from Big Pharma, so they will push vaccines over, say, ivermectin.

The part about eliminating conflicts of interest when they do what Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the CCP say makes their claim ludicrous. They say it’s important to question all of this, but they have a section in the treaty that silences people.


WEF Founder Klaus Schwab’s daughter Nicole talked casually of coming lockdowns.



We must not fall for this again. The Accord will be more concerning than the Paris Accord.



Alex Jones broke the news on Friday evening, August 18, that the Biden administration is preparing to reinstate Covid-19 restrictions beginning with a mask mandate as "Covid cases rise", say TSA and Border Patrol whistleblowers.




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