The 'Bomb Cyclone' Has Detonated! Whiteout Storm Hits the Northeast With Heavy Snow and Hurricane Force Winds


January 4, 2018

High winds and heavy snow barreled into the U.S. Northeast on Thursday, closing schools and government offices and disrupting travel as work crews scrambled to clear roads before plummeting temperatures turn snow into treacherous ice.


  • The Northeast is currently being battered by a severe winter storm that started early Thursday morning 
  • Forecasters say a  rapid plunge in pressure has caused a 'bomb cyclone' system of fast heavy snowfall and winds up to 76 mph
  • The storm has caused traffic chaos as plows work around-the-clock to try and keep roads clear
  • More than 3,700 flights in and out of the U.S. today have been cancelled thanks to the storm 
  • All flights in and out of JFK and LaGuardia Airports in New York City  have been temporarily suspended
  • Schools were ordered closed in New York, many parts of New Jersey, Boston and elsewhere in the region 
  • More than a foot of snow was forecast for Boston and about eight inches in New York City 
  • Temperatures are expected to stay well below freezing throughout the weekend, with parts of New England registering temperatures colder than Mars 
  • New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo declared a state of emergency for several counties
  • Meanwhile, Florida, Georgia and South Carolina continue to dig out of the rare winter storm that hit them Wednesday  

The NOAA satellite, GOESEast, shows the view of the 'bomb cyclone' as it batters the East Coast with heavy snow and strong winds on Jan. 4, 2018 at 8:30 a.m. EST (1330 GMT). NOAA/Twitter

Blizzard warnings were in place along the coast from North Carolina to Maine, with the National Weather Service forecasting winds as high as 70 miles per hour that may bring down tree limbs and knock out power.

More than a foot of snow was forecast for Boston and coastal areas in northern New England. About eight inches are expected in the New York City area. 

The storm is the product of a rapid plunge in barometric pressure that some weather forecasters are referring to as bombogenesis or a 'bomb cyclone,' which brings fast heavy snowfall and high winds.

The cold has been blamed for at least nine deaths over the past few days, including two homeless people in Houston.

More than 3,000 airline flights within, into or out of the United States were canceled ahead of the storm's arrival on Thursday. At New York's three major airports and Boston's Logan International, as many as three out of four flights were called off, according to tracking service


Tip of the Day: stay away from the snow plows.



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