Stockholm Terrorist Attack: Arrested Terror Suspect Was KNOWN to Police Before he ‘Deliberately Ploughed Into Kids and Shoppers’ in Hijacked Bomb-Laden Truck


April 8, 2017

A suspected terrorist deliberately drove at young children, sending prams flying as a stolen beer truck sped through a crowded shopping street in Stockholm, witnesses have said.



Authorities have now confirmed that the suspect, a 39-year-old Uzbekistan-born man, had been on their radar for some time before the truck was high-jacked and used to plough through terrified crowds, killing four people and leaving 15 people, including two children, injured.

Local media reported that a homemade bomb had been found in the 30-tonne truck with the head of Sweden's National Police Dan Eliason confirming a "bomb or incendiary object" had been discovered.

Mr Eliason said: "We have found something in the truck, in the driver's seat, a technical device that should not be there.

"I cannot say at this stage that this is a bomb or some sort of flammable material.

"Whether it is a classic bomb or a fire device or something else is subject to technical analysis."

The vehicle was last night towed from the scene, with photographs showing the charred front after it crashed into the high end department store.

As emergency services work today to clean the streets left bloodied by the attack, the head of Sweden's domestic intelligence agency Anders Thornberg revealed authorities had previously been aware of the man, saying: "The suspect didn't appear in our recent files but he earlier has been in our files."

Authorities said they were confident they had nabbed the right man, with reports surfacing from Sweden that the man, a father-of-four, had posted jihadist propaganda on his Facebook page and had "liked" images of people injured in the Boston Marathon explosion in April 2013.

Authorities added man arrested was the driver of the vehicle, and matched CCTV images released in the immediate aftermath of the attack.

They said he may have been injured in the attack with the bomb inside the truck possibly going off while he was still inside the vehicle.

Local media Aftonbladet reported the man was arrested after witnesses spotted him, recognising him from the photograph released by authorities.

Mr Thornberg said the security services are working with other nations' security agencies on the matter, but declined to elaborate.

He said that investigators were unsure whether others had been involved in the attack, saying they could not exclude that fear.


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