'I need everybody I got': Hero cop who took down Texas mall shooter made frantic call for backup moments before shooting dead AR-15 armed gunman who killed eight - including children


May 7, 2023

The Allen Outlet Mall is a gun-free zone.


Via dailymail.com:

  • The moment a hero cop rushed to the scene of the mass shooting at Allen Premium Outlets in Allen, Texas on Saturday can he heard in new police audio 
  • He bravely ran towards the active shooter - who was armed with 60 rounds and had shot over a dozen people by this point - and took him down 


A hero cop who took down the Texas mall shooter made a frantic call for backup just moments before he shot dead the AR-15-armed gunman who killed eight people.

Children were among those killed in the bloodbath outside H&M in Allen Premium Outlets in Allen, Texas at 3.36pm on Saturday. 

The shooter, in his 30s, was killed by an unnamed cop - who was on the scene for an unrelated call but rushed over when he heard the gunshots outside the H&M. 

New audio now reveals how the officer made a frantic phone call begging for his colleagues to join him on the scene, radioing: 'I need everybody I got.' 

The officer bravely ran towards the active shooter - who was armed with 60 rounds and had shot over a dozen people by this point - and killed him.

About two minutes after first calling for backup, the cop said: 'I got him down.'  Minutes later, another voice is heard on the radio saying: 'We got victims. I need an ambulance.' 

The FBI and police raided the dead suspect's Dallas home following the massacre and requested a translator to speak with his family. 

Neighbors say they often saw him wearing a security guard-type uniform, but he was 'very quiet' and had 'very unusual behavior.' His gray Dodge Charger, which was seen at the scene, was often parked outside the home.



A stampede of hundreds of shoppers was seen racing out of the complex while gunfire rained out - as security and police attempted to shepherd them to safety. 

People in the store were frantically ushered into lockable rooms, and when they eventually got the all-clear to come out, they saw the broken windows, trails of blood by the door, and bloodied bodies covered in sheets.  

Dashcam video showed the gunman getting out of a car and shooting at people on the sidewalk on Saturday afternoon. More than three dozen shots could be heard as the vehicle that was recording the video drove off. 

The gunman was using an AR-15-style gun during the mass shooting, and was dressed in full tactical SWAT gear. 

Allen Fire Chief Jonathan Boyd confirmed that seven people died at the scene, including the gunman, and then a further two victims died in hospital. 

Three of the wounded were in critical condition in the evening, and four were stable, Boyd said in an update on Saturday night. 

A Dallas-area medical group said it was treating victims as young as five-years-old. 

Investigators confirmed they believe the shooter was working alone, but they have not yet released any motive for the killings.  

Fontayne Payton, 35, was at H&M when he heard the sound of gunshots through his headphones. He said: 'It was so loud, it sounded like it was right outside.

'I pray it wasn't kids, but it looked like kids,' he said. 

The bodies were covered in white towels, slumped over bags on the ground. 'It broke me when I walked out to see that.'

Payton then saw the body of the dead shooter - which was the only one not covered, he recalled.  

The shooter, who has not yet been identified, appears to be a Hispanic male with a tattoo on his hand.


Another witness, Kimberly Blakey, said she and her daughter, 14, were among the crowd of people rushing to flee the parking lot after the gunfire started.

She said the raining bullets were 'non-stop.' Her car got shot at during the ordeal as she tried to escape. 

Blakey told CNN: 'I told my daughter to get down. I could hear her start praying.' 

Another witness, Sheliza Ramlall, who was in the Nike store when the violence broke out, said: 'I had the most horrifying experience earlier. I was standing in line at the Nike store when all of a sudden people started to scream and run. 

'The people in the doorway saw the man with the gun outside and raised the alarm. All of us in line dropped to the floor and started to crawl looking for a hiding place while falling over each other. 

'I crawled behind the counter. At that moment, I realized that we were right in plain sight and and figured that I needed to get away from the front. 

'As I looked to the back of the store, I heard someone saying ‘get to the back, get to the back’ and everyone started running at that point. An employee opened the back door and let us out. We are standing by the roadside shaken, crying, and hugging each other.

'Not knowing where the gunman was or what was happening on the other side was terrifying but I wanted to get out of there so I left the crowd and started to flag the cars down to give me a lift. 

'An elderly woman stopped and I hopped in a panic. She started to tell me about the gunshots she heard and drove me to my car. I raced out of there with an elevated heartbeat. 

'I am grateful for our brave first responders who stopped the shooter and helped the people to safety.'



Mayor Ken Fulk said in a statement on Saturday night: 'Today is a tragic day for the City of Allen, our citizens, our friends and visitors who were at the Allen Premium Outlets. We know you are grieving, we are grieving.

'Allen is a proud and safe city which makes today's senseless act of violence even more shocking. However, I want to commend our police and fire departments for their quick response. 

'Their thorough training not to hesitate to move toward the threat likely saved more lives today. We also want to thank all of our surrounding municipalities and law enforcement agencies for offering their assistance at the scene. 

'This collective effort is what makes our North Texas communities united.' 

Texas Governor Greg Abbott described the shooting as an 'unspeakable tragedy.'



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