Goal Zero Lighthouse Mini Lantern & USB Power Hub, 210 Lumens

Product Description

Item # 32003

Just like its big brother, the Lighthouse Mini Lantern and USB Power Hub from Blue Monster Prep proves that big things come in small packages.



  • Adjust brightness levels to save on power; run time 4 - 500 hours!
  • Power up from Goal Zero solar panels
  • Plug into any USB, or turn the crank for light anywhere
  • Boost a tablet or recharge a smartphone to stay connected
  • Legs fold up for easy portability
  • Great for emergencies, adventures or nightstand lighting




Dimmable, Dual LED Light Adjust brightness and direction for extended runtimes, up to 500 hours on low. Fold-down legs for maximum light dispersion. Built-in hook and magnets for versatile mounting.

Charge Phones and other USB Gear Built-in 1A USB port with 3,000mAh battery for up to one full phone charge.

Recharge Anywhere, Anytime Power up from Goal Zero Nomad solar panels or plug into any USB port with the built-in charging cable.

$ 59.99