Celox Granular Hemostatic Agent, 35g

Product Description

Item # 30-0068

Blue Monster Prep is expanding our growing product line of hemostatic dressings to include CELOX™, a clinically proven family of chitosan-based products certified safe-to-use and successful in stopping life threatening hemorrhage on the battlefield, in serious emergencies and in the workplace. From the original granular form to the various CELOX™ gauzes, Blue Monster Prep offers the full spectrum of this trusted hemostatic to meet every medic’s need in the pursuit of saving lives from severe trauma. 

The original version of CELOX is composed of hemostatic granules that can be easily poured directly into a wound. The granular presentation is the most versatile of the CELOX™ products providing a simple, quick way to control bleeding and is particularly useful in treating difficult and deep wounds.



  • Stops life-threatening bleeding resulting from shock as found in severe traumatic injuries
  • Works independently of the body’s normal clotting mechanisms
  • Published success in the field
  • Generates no heat



Packaged: H 7.5 in. x W 5 in. x D 0.25 in.

35 Grams of Granules

Weight: 1.6 oz

$ 29.95

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