3M Virtua Sport Anti-Fog Safety Glasses

Product Description

Item # CAS11386

The 3M Virtua Sport Anti-Fog Safety Glasses from Blue Monster Prep offers the same exciting shape and style as the glasses worn by pro athletes. Better yet, they’ve been constructed to withstand rigors much tougher than many sports – those of the workplace. Now you can give employees the looks they want and the safety you demand. Safety’s not boring anymore.

Meets ANSI Z87+ Standard



  • Comfortable, ultralight frame design made of 100% polycarbonate
  •  9.0 Base Curved Lens for excellent "wrap" front/side coverage
  •  High impact polycarbonate lenses with 99.9% UV Protection
  •  Sporty & sleek unisex styling for better looks
  •  Hard Coat guards against scratching, static and chemical attack


*Minimum Order Box/10

      $ 7.95