3M Hood Assembly With Collar and Hardhat for Belt-Mounted PAPRs and Supplied Air Respirator Systems

Product Description

Item # H-412

The 3M™ Assembly from Blue Monster Prep is NIOSH approved, and can be used on 3M™ Belt-Mounted PAPRs and Supplied Air Respirator Systems. This hood offers exceptional comfort in the most demanding work environments, and can be worn with facial hair and glasses. Suggested applications include spray painting, pesticide handling, coating operations, general maintenance, fiberglass manufacturing, gel coating, and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Lightweight and loose-fitting, the unique airflow design helps prevent fogging of the wide-view face shield. Optional air control devices allow the incoming air to be heated or cooled by as much as 50°F (28°C). These hoods offer easier breathing and a higher level of respiratory protection than negative pressure half and full face piece respirators. Loose-fitting hoods also eliminate the cost and time of fit testing that is required with tight fitting respirators.


  • Made of Tychem® QC Fabric
  • Wide-view, polyester face shield provides greater resistance to solvents

The H-410 Hood Assembly Includes:

Two 3M™ Hood H-410

Two 3M™ Faceshield Cover H-110

One 3M™ Hatshell W-3258

One 3M™ Head Suspension W-2878

One 3M™ Chin Strap H-114

One 3M™ Squeeze Clamp W-3222

$ 119.50