3M Belt-Mounted PAPR Assembly, GVP-1

Product Description

Item # GVP-1

The 3M GVP-Series Belt-Mounted PAPR from Blue Monster Prep is a motorized blower unit worn at the waist, which delivers filtered air into a variety of headgear options. The GVP allows the wearer to choose from a wide selection of filters and cartridges that offer flexibility and freedom to work in a variety of industrial environments. These systems are compatible with many different styles of headgear ranging from lightweight hoods, bump caps, hard hats, helmets, and full face piece respirators. 

Product Features

  • Rugged, durable PAPR system
  • Wide variety of head gear options
  • Wide variety of cartridges
  • Certain PAPR systems provide a higher level of respiratory protection than non-powered air filtering respirators
  • Constant flow of air can provide cooling for the worker, resulting in greater comfort for the wearer
  • Loose-fitting headgear options provide respiratory protection without the need for a tight face seal or fit testing
  • Battery-powered blower pulls the air through the filter resulting in no additional breathing resistance to the wear.

This NIOSH-approved GVP-1 Belt-Mounted PAPR Assembly includes:

  • PAPR Motor Blower Unit GVP-100
  • Power Cord GVP-110
  • Battery Pack GVP-111
  • Battery Charger GVP-112
  • Flow Meter GVP-113
  • Blower Plugs GVP-115
  • Waist Belt GVP-127
$ 847.50